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Metaldyne, LLC and Stackpole Enter Into Joint Technical Agreement

Plymouth, Mich. – August 19, 2014 – Today, Metaldyne, LLC and Stackpole International, Engineered Products Division have agreed to share technology under a technical agreement to allow both companies to expand their product offerings in line with engine fuel efficiency trends.  Specifically, the combined expertise of both companies would support their abilities to offer engine balance shaft systems with integrated variable displacement oil pumps.

“We are pleased to work with Stackpole on providing technical solutions in balance shaft assemblies for the light vehicle engine market,” said Thomas Amato, president and CEO, Metaldyne, LLC.  “We look forward to the partnership and providing added value to our customers,” added Peter Ballantyne, President and CEO, Stackpole International.

Metaldyne is a leading global provider of balance shaft systems, using an integrated approach to design, develop and manufacture custom products for its customers’ engines. Metaldyne’s technology provides important force cancellation and is able to integrate critical functions of an engine’s oil pump.

Stackpole International is a leading global provider of “black box” pump solutions for powertrain systems. The company continues to lead the optimization and commercialization of variable displacement oil pumps, which it pioneered 20 years ago, and currently has ~ 30 million variable displacement pumps in the field. The flexibility and responsiveness of variable displacement oil pumps has become an in-demand feature for fuel efficient powertrain manufacturers.

With this technical alliance, Metaldyne and Stackpole will work together to design balance shaft assembly systems, based on Metaldyne’s balance shaft system technology combined with Stackpole’s variable displacement oil pump technology.

About Metaldyne

Metaldyne LLC is a leading global manufacturer of highly engineered metal-based components for engine, transmission, and driveline applications in the automotive and light truck markets.  Products include powder metal engine connecting rods, engine bearing caps, engine cylinder oil jets, transmission sub-assemblies, forged differential gears and pinions, differential assemblies, engine balance shaft modules, transmission shafts, and engine crankshaft dampers.

Metaldyne has over $1 billion in annual revenue, with 26 locations in 13 countries, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Metaldyne Performance Group, which is owned by American Securities, a leading private equity firm (www.american-securities.com). More information about Metaldyne can be found at www.metaldyne.com.

About Stackpole International

Stackpole International is a leading supplier to automotive original equipment manufacturers and tier 1 suppliers of critical, highly engineered transmission and engine pump systems and powder metal components for automotive powertrains. Stackpole is headquartered in Ancaster, Ontario, and maintains a global manufacturing footprint across North America, Europe and Asia. More information about Stackpole can be found at www.stackpole.com.

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